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Get to know Jane & Eric Mittelsteadt: new owners of Dee-O-Gee franchise locations in BZN

Get to know Jane & Eric Mittelsteadt: new owners of Dee-O-Gee franchise locations in BZN

An interview with Eric & Jane Mittelsteadt, new owners of Dee-O-Gee Bozeman!

Big changes for Dee-O-Gee BZN happened this summer when Eric & Jane Mittelsteadt became owners of both Bozeman shops! We are thrilled to have a veterinarian on staff and as part of the Dee-O-Gee Team.

We sat down with Dr. Jane Mittelsteadt for an interview to find out more about them and what they are feeding their pets.


Tell us about yourselves:

We are from Hartland, WI, a small town in southeastern Wisconsin.  We both went to Arrowhead High School. We moved to Montana in 2006.  We settled in Bozeman due to the culture, weather, job opportunities and good school system.  


Tell us what you were doing before Dee-O-Gee?

I (Jane) was the owner of 360 Pet Medical until 2015 when I sold it to spend more time with my children, Annika age 14 and Kai age 16.  Eric was an independent sales representative covering Montana, Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and a bit of Oregon.


What made you decide to lead the Dee-O-Gee Bozeman team?

We have been looking for a business opportunity that fit our interests for a while, hoping to find a career path that would allow Eric to be in Bozeman instead of traveling as a sales rep.  We thought of  Dee-O-Gee and decided it could be a perfect business opportunity for us; blending animals and nutrition with sales and marketing. I (Jane) have a strong interest in nutrition for pets as a way to cure and prevent disease so it seemed a perfect fit.  My view on veterinary medicine is very holistic blending Eastern modalities and nutrition with the more conventional western practices.


What pets did you have while you were growing up?

I (Jane) had several dogs throughout the years, always Miniature Schnauzers, we also had a parakeet, a cockatiel, gerbils and fish.  Eric had a snake, a beagle and rabbits.


If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?

Wow, that is a loaded question.  I would love to devote more time to all my interests.  It is hard in Bozeman to balance work, raising a family and finding time to enjoy all the area has to offer. I would like to hike more of the beautiful trails in the Gallatin Valley as well as camp more.  

What do you feed your pets?

We have been feeding our dogs raw food since 2001 when my then dog, Sebastian, was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I was told he had 2-3 months to live and it was inoperable. I started some supplements, and raw food and he lived 6 months.  I noted while he was on it, the allergies he had suffered from all his life improved as well.

Shortly after that I enrolled in Veterinary Acupuncture courses and learned about the energy of food and became hooked on using nutrition to help treat but also help prevent disease in our furry family members.  Our current dogs, Rozzi and Merlin, have both been eating raw food from Northwest Naturals (found at both Dee-O-Gee BZN locations) since they were puppies.

Our cat has been eating kibble due to an older cat in the home whose diet could not be changed. After his passing, I started the switch to dehydrated raw for our kitty, Samson.

Eric & Jane Mittelsteadt, owners of the Dee-O-Gee franchise locations in Bozeman, MT

Where’s your favorite place to take your D-O-G?

I love taking Rozzi on all the local trails, he is the best hiking companion. Merlin, our pug, enjoys sunning himself on our back deck but also loves running on the trail near our home as he prefers shorter hikes / walks.  


If you could pick up a new skill in an instant what would it be?

Jane: I would love to be able to surf, not that there are many opportunities around Bozeman. Growing up on a lake in Wisconsin, I have always loved the water and I think surfing looks so relaxing and rewarding.  I have taken surf lessons twice so can stand up on the board and surf small waves but I am in awe of the surfers able to ride the giant swells.

Next time you are shopping at either Bozeman location, please try to say hi to Jane or Eric! Most days you will find them assisting the staff and meeting new customers and their D-O-Gs. 

If you have additional questions for Jane or Eric, you can submit those to

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