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Voted Bozeman’s BEST … 6 years and counting.

Professional Dog Grooming in Bozeman

Our licensed and experienced dog groomers will take the utmost care of your dog or cat in Bozeman. We use ONLY all-natural shampoos, aromatherapy and leave-in conditioners … and, we’ve been doing this for over a decade.  You can trust our award-winning groomers with your furry kid!

We strongly believe in the finest all-natural grooming products for your dog or cat. Many shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals, alcohol or salt and can irritate or dry your pooch’s skin. At Dee-O-Gee we’ve selected the finest natural and organic spa products, suitable for pets with the most sensitive of skin.

We love all things "doodle" in our Grooming Salon!


  • Reliq All-natural Hypoallergenic Shampoos (Oatmeal, Mango Tango, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe)
  • All-natural aromatherapy
  • Custom nail painting (optional)
  • Anal gland expression (optional)
  • Teeth Brushing (optional)

Book your appointment today!

We typically book out a few weeks in advance … act now to reserve your grooming appointment (cats and big dogs included). In addition, we offer nail clipping, teeth brushing and anal gland expression by appointment.

Call to schedule (406-551-2364)

– OR –

Online scheduling

Each grooming visit includes

  • Nails trimmed
  • eyes cleaned/wiped (all-natural wipes)
  • ears cleaned or plucked (all-natural wipes)
  • complimentary home-made bakery treat.

Can't pick up when your dog is done?

No worries. Just schedule your dog for a spot at Day Camp and your furry kid can hang out with our crew. Easy peasy!

We’ve Got Your Dog (or, cat’s) back

Dog & Cat First Aid and CPR Certified

All grooming staff at Dee-O-Gee are certified in Pet First Aid & CPR by Pet Pro Hero. Why? Because we believe in taking the utmost care of your dog or cat while they are in our care. As soon as your beloved pet sets foot in one of our grooming salon, you can rest assured that we will be there if trouble arises for your pet.