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Puppy Camp

Puppy Camp 1

Puppy Camp 1 (PC1) is Dee-O-Gee’s New Puppy Class in Bozeman, MT … for new puppy owners who want to learn the secrets of raising an engaged, polite and proactive thinking puppy! PC1 is led by certified dog trainers from our friends over at Know Thy Dog.

PC1 Training Topics:

  • Nutrition Counseling (by Dee-O-Gee staff)
  • Socialization Plan
  • Commands (Sit, Stay, Leash walking, etc)
  • Relaxed Greetings

The focus of Puppy Camp 1 (PC1) is on implementing a long-term socialization plan to create a well-rounded dog as your puppy grows … and, to shape their behavior and habits to fit with your specific lifestyle.

Each puppy must be at least 9 weeks old at the start of PC1.  Small puppies may enroll in this class up to 25 weeks old. PC1 runs for 5 sessions. 1 hour per session.


  •  5 classes (1 per week for 5 weeks)
  •  Nutrition samples
  •  Leash
  •  Discount at Dee-O-Gee (on the nights of Puppy Camp)

Cost: $195

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Length: 5 weeks

Night of the week: Tuesdays

Reserve your puppy’s spot today as space is limited!

Upcoming Sessions

Puppy Camp 1: new puppy class at Dee-O-Gee in Bozeman

Puppy Camp 2

The Puppy Camp 2 (PC2) curriculum is custom tailored for all Puppy Camp 1 graduates. To qualify for PC2, your dog must have graduated from PC1 within the past 8 months.

PC2 Training Topics:

Puppy Camp Two addresses real life training – building trust, engagement, autonomy … including: 

  • Adolescent socializing
  • Building motivation 
  • Introduction to off-leash control
  • Polite and focused leash walking around distractions/in public
  • Place command for real life 
  • Introduction to advanced training tools 
  • Solidifying training commands with increased DDD (distance, duration, distractions)

Dee-O-Gee’s Puppy Camp 2 by Dee-O-Gee is hosted by certified dog trainers from Bozeman’s own Know Thy Dog. 

NOTE: Puppy Camp 2 meets at the Know Thy Dog facilities on the East edge of Bozeman.


Puppy Camp 2 (PC2) addresses real life training – building trust, engagement and autonomy.

  • 4 one hour sessions
  • helpful hints to use as you continue building your relationship with your puppy
  • product recommendations that make life with your puppy healthier, easier and more enjoyable

PC2 runs for 4 sessions (1 per week for 4 weeks).

Note: PC2 meets at the Know Thy Dog facilities in East Bozeman.

Cost: $155

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Day of the week: Thursday

Upcoming Sessions

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